FREE: New Geneva Intro to the NT (edited by R.C. Sproul) eBook

FREE: New Geneva Intro to the NT (edited by R.C. Sproul) eBook

20 September, 2013

Have you ever desired to gain in your mind the big picture of the New Testament? How about wanting to have access to simple introductions to each book of the NT? If you’ve ever desired such things (or do now), I’ve got good news. There is a high quality resource that gives overviews of each book of the NT and is completely FREE in the Kindle format.

For a feel of what’s inside, here’s what it covers for each book of the NT: discussions of the author, date and occasion, characteristics and themes, interpretive difficulties, and a book outline. In addition, there’s an article on the Intertestamental period (the time between the close of the OT and the opening of the NT), intros to the Gospels & Acts and to the Epistles, and appendices at the end addressing the topics What is the Bible About?, Reformed Theology, Interpreting the Bible, Higher Criticism, and Evangelism and Missions.

What you have here is a fantastic all-in-one resource for an overview of the NT. The content of this resource used to be part of a study Bible back in the mid 1990s that R.C. Sproul had edited. It has since gone out of print, and now part of it is being released digitally in the form of this Kindle resource. People such as R.C. Sproul, Moisés Silva, James Boyce, and J.I. Packer have contributed to this project.

I do not know how long this will be available for FREE, so please share this (click a share button below) with friends you think will benefit from a greater understanding of each book of the NT. Do you have any friends who wouldn’t benefit from this?

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Update: This is no longer free.


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