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Today Only: FREE eBook on Applying Scripture & its misuse in Dispensationalism by A.W. Pink

Today Only: FREE eBook on Applying Scripture & its misuse in Dispensationalism by A.W. Pink

27 September, 2013

Not many of you use Bible software. I think that is unfortunate. What Bible software can do for you is help you study the Bible more efficiently and deeply. Good Bible software can lead you to connections between verses in the Bible that you never knew existed and give you insights to which you never had access before. And it can do all that (and much more) in a fraction of the time that Bible study with physical books can take.

Those are bold claims, and someday in a future post, I hope to substantiate them. For the time being, I recommend you pick up as many free titles as you can for what I think are the two best Bible software programs:

  1. Logos Bible Software
  2. WORDsearch

The FREE eBook mentioned in this post’s title is available for WORDsearch. It’s called The Application of the Scriptures: A Biblical Refutation of Dispensationalism and it’s written by Arthur W. Pink, a classic author from the first half of the 20th century.

Go here to get this FREE WORDsearch book.

You will need an account with WORDsearch to take advantage of this offer, which expires today. If you do get this title, make sure you download a copy of the WORDsearch software so that you can read this freebie. The company offers WORDsearch Basic as a free download (PC/Mac), along with free iPad/iPhone and Android apps. While you’re at it, pick out some more books as they offer more than 200 free books for their software.

Like I said above, I hope to make my case for why you should use Bible software in a future post. In short, you should. Stay tuned for my reasons.


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