FREE: All About Jesus Gospel Harmony eBook

FREE: All About Jesus Gospel Harmony eBook

10 November, 2013


The story of Jesus comes to us from four different authors: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. In this book compiler Roger Quy has combined the four reports of Jesus’ life into a single chronological story. Although the words were written over 2000 years ago, his message of justice, peace, hope, love and forgiveness still resonates with people of all races, nationalities, educational and economic backgrounds. Some like what he has said while others disagree, but almost everyone finds him compelling. Take a new look at Jesus, his life, his miracles and his teachings. Read for yourself and come to your own conclusions about the carpenter from Nazareth.

Have you ever wished that the four Gospel accounts were combined into one narrative? All About Jesus: The Single Story from Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, does just that. Using the text of the NIrV, Roger Quy has woven together the sentences and events of Jesus’ life and ministry so that they may be read as one story. The text of the story is not numbered in verses as traditional Bible texts, but rather divided into 21 chapters.

This Gospel harmony book was compiled by the Vice Chairman of the board of Biblica (formerly the International Bible Society, the publishers of the NIV). I’m not the biggest fan of the NIrV, and I cannot vouch for the accuracy of this particular harmony of the Gospels. Let me know what you think of it.


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