FREE: Understanding the Times by Ken Ham eBook

FREE: Understanding the Times by Ken Ham eBook

10 November, 2013


An urgent call to return to our biblical foundations: the sufficiency of Scripture, a literal six-day creation, and the historic gospel of Jesus Christ.

We live in interesting and difficult times. It is increasingly important that we come to an understanding of just how difficult and challenging they really are. We live in times in which we see increasing violence, immorality, and economic uncertainty in the Western world. But greater than the economic problems, there are major spiritual problems in this nation and across the globe. We live in times where we are seeing before our very eyes the collapse of Christianity in Europe and North America!

But there are answers for Christianity and for Christians. The answers are centered in the Scriptures. We will consider twelve passages of Scripture that sum up how biblical truth depends on a firm foundation, and how, in this era of history, all Christians can stand up for this truth in an antagonistic world. We will deal with each of these twelve verses individually, in order to understand—and respond biblically and effectively to—the times in which we live.

In our day and age the authority of Scripture is under attack on many fronts – including its authority from the very beginning: the book of Genesis. Ken Ham, president of the ministry Answers in Genesis, has authored the twelve chapters that make up this book. Each chapter has a key verse it expounds and applies to today. If you’ve ever wanted to see a biblical case made for a literal six-day creation, this book will provide some needed answers for you. I also encourage you to check out AiG’s website for more creation apologetics.

Because of my love for Answers in Genesis, I highly recommend this book!


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