FREE: Closer: Devotions to Draw Couples Together eBook

FREE: Closer: Devotions to Draw Couples Together eBook

31 December, 2013

If you are married, would you like to draw closer to God and closer to your spouse? Consider giving this marriage devotional a try along with prayer and conversation with your spouse. May God be glorified through your relationship!


This FREE offer is only available for a limited-time (perhaps today only?).

The Love Dare challenged individuals to love their spouse more. Closer shows wives and husbands how to grow that love together. Introduced with Scripture verses and engaging stories, these 52 devotionals will inspire couples to draw closer through faith conversations–those quiet talks so vital for emotional and spiritual intimacy in a marriage. Guided, practical action steps round out each reading. Closer, with its flexible weekly format, is an appealing alternative to a daily devotional.



  • Bummer. Just found this site tonight and I’m saddened to see some of these great books are no longer free. On the other hand–I am thankful for the Beth Moore books I was able to get. Thank you!

    • Yes, it is a bummer. Just so you know, most of the deals featured here are LIMITED-TIME. They’re usually only available for a day or two, sometimes up to a week. We suggest following us on Facebook or Twitter, or subscribing via RSS or email, to make sure you don’t miss a deal.

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