FREE: Rescuing Our Kids from the Lie .mp4 Video by Ken Ham

FREE: Rescuing Our Kids from the Lie .mp4 Video by Ken Ham

30 December, 2013

Ken Ham, president of Answers in Genesis (AiG), delivered this hour-long presentation earlier this year. As a year-end special, AiG is giving away this video presentation as a FREE download. AiG is dedicated to upholding the authority of Scripture from the very first verse and to training adults and their children how to defend the historicity of Scripture and its scientific claims. This is a challenging video! Share with others!

This FREE offer is only available through tomorrow, 12/31.

Parents need to know what they can do to help rescue their kids from: the Evil One, secularists, the culture, churches that don’t teach apologetics, churches that compromise God’s Word, the “fluff-and-stuff” curricula of many Sunday schools, compromising Christian colleges, etc.

This powerful presentation challenges Christians to help launch a new Reformation. Share it with your family, your friends, and your Sunday school leaders. Discover why Ken is convinced that like America, the church is under judgment, as well. Two-thirds of our children are now rejecting the faith of their parents. You can help rescue them from the faith-shattering deceptions of the Evil One!



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