FREE: Elijah (Historical Fiction) eBook

FREE: Elijah (Historical Fiction) eBook

5 February, 2014



The late Dr. Paul Nevin, former instructor in Bible and Theology at Moody Bible Institute, said of this book: “One of the few great historical novels written by evangelicals.”

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A sweeping saga of one fearless man of God facing a decaying nation, a sadistic queen and a totally sensual religion. This magnificent story vividly portrays the heroic adventures of the prophet Elijah as, alone, he confronts Queen Jezebel in her malicious scheme to supplant the worship of Jehovah with the sensuous fertility cult of Baal.

Here is an ingenious blend of authentic Bible history and imagination stemming from years of research. Elijah . . . Jezebel . . . Ahab—names charged with electric emotion! In this brilliant historical novel names become flesh and blood people transformed into haunting, explosive reality. The reader lives with them in the terrible presence of frenzied, demonic priests and enslaved devotees of Baal—and, all alone, God’s servant Elijah turns the tide of Jewish history! After you have read Elijah you will never again be the same!



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