FREE: Vertical Church by James MacDonald eBook

FREE: Vertical Church by James MacDonald eBook

19 June, 2014



Here’s a great book from a solid Bible teacher on issues in the Church and solutions to them. God accomplishes salvation and spiritual growth primarily through His bride, the Church. Thus, we should commit ourselves to the Church and its good!

This FREE offer is only available through tomorrow, 6/20.

Infighting, backbiting, heartbreaking, frustrating … church.

Though exceptions do exist, the reality is that church in America is failing one life at a time. Somewhere between pathetically predictable and shamefully entertaining, sadly sentimental and rarely authentic, church has become worst of all … godless.

Vertical Church points to a new day where God is the seeker, and we are the ones found. In Vertical Church God shows up, and that changes everything.

If you want to experience God as you never have before and witness His hand at work, if you want to wake up to the first thought, “Thank God it’s Sunday,” if you’re ready to feel your heart beat faster as you drive to your place of worship … then devour and digest the lessons of Vertical Church.



  • After he left TGC and the Elephant Room 2 fallout, I have mixed feelings about this author. Also read a review by Tim Challies on the book. What do you think?

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