FREE: A Jet Tour Through Revelation by John MacArthur (Physical Booklet)

FREE: A Jet Tour Through Revelation by John MacArthur (Physical Booklet)

8 August, 2014

Grace to You, the ministry of renowned pastor and Bible teacher John MacArthur, is graciously giving away Print copies of MacArthur’s booklet A Jet Tour Through Revelation. If you’ve ever had trouble understanding the details of the book of Revelation, this booklet (from a dispensational premillennial viewpoint) might help you.

This FREE offer is only available through 8/17.

Imagine opening a book and finding a detailed, graphic description of the final moments of human history. The rise of a world leader with supernatural power. Global war. Disasters on a scale the earth has never seen. The final showdown between righteousness and evil. The story rivals the most fantastic science fiction.

But it’s all real.

That, declares John MacArthur, is what you find in arguably the Bible’s most popular and most popularly misunderstood book: Revelation. John’s landmark message “A Jet Tour Through Revelation,” adapted here in booklet form, helps take the mystery out of a portion of Scripture many people consider too difficult to understand. Yet, the book of Revelation promises blessing to those who read its words and heed them. This Jet Tourbooklet will help you make sense of the symbols, imagery, and significance of this amazing prewritten history. It will increase your appetite for heaven—or give you a needed dose of concern about your eternal future and point you to Christ, who alone can save you from the wrath He will one day bring.


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