FREE: Mini-Video on Radiometric Dating from Answers in Genesis

FREE: Mini-Video on Radiometric Dating from Answers in Genesis

6 August, 2014

Here is an excellent video that is short (3 minutes long), explaining in simple terms what radiometric dating is. It’s produced by the Bible-defending ministry of Answers in Genesis (AiG). We highly recommend it and encourage you not to miss this deal. Share it with others who want solid scientific answers from a biblical worldview!

If you would like direction on how to think biblically about the issues of creation, evolution, and science, we would encourage you to visit the website of AiG.

This FREE offer is only available through 8/11.

Ever wonder how anybody really knows how old the earth is?
Are all dating methods really accurate and reliable? This video explores the multiple assumptions that take place in certain “dating” practices and you might be surprised at what’s revealed.

You’ve never seen the creation issue addressed quite this way before!
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