FREE: What to Look for in a Church by John MacArthur (Physical CD)

FREE: What to Look for in a Church by John MacArthur (Physical CD)

22 August, 2014

Grace to You, the ministry of renowned pastor and Bible teacher John MacArthur, is graciously giving away CD copies of MacArthur’s two messages on What to Look For in a Church. If you’ve ever wondered what biblical criteria you should have in the process of choosing a good church, this resource will be of benefit to you.

This FREE offer is only available through 9/13.

Finding a church is serious business, and so is evaluating the one you already belong to. What do you look for–what are your priorities? Preaching style? Denomination? Type of music? Youth group? Friendly atmosphere? Service times? Location?

None of those factors are necessarily wrong to consider. The issue is: What should churches primarily be known for? What should stand out most in a church you’d want to call home?

Amid all the options and competing priorities, the Bible speaks clearly as ever. John MacArthur’s What to Look for in a Church lays out just what the title says, and it shows you how God blesses churches that follow His blueprint. Delivered to a group of college students but applicable to believers of every age, this study can help guide you to a church you can call home–or encourage you that you’re already there!


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