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FREE: Logos 5 QuickStart (12 Instructional Videos)

FREE: Logos 5 QuickStart (12 Instructional Videos)

3 September, 2014



Ever wanted to learn the basics of Logos Bible Software? Well, now you can with these short, simple videos! The presenter is Morris Proctor, who is Logos’ certified and authorized trainer. So you can learn from one of the best, for FREE! The videos are integrated into your software so you don’t need an additional media player.

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This FREE offer is likely only available for a limited-time.

Learn to use basic features and quickly begin studying the Bible like never before with QuickStart for Logos Bible Software. Morris Proctor, authorized trainer for Logos Bible Software, will introduce you to the software and guide you through basic functions and tasks unlocking the potential for this incredible tool.

You will:

  • Navigate the Home Page
  • Work with the Passage Guide
  • Prioritize resources
  • and much more



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