Today Only: FREE: Profound Mystery: Commentary on Ephesians eBook

Today Only: FREE: Profound Mystery: Commentary on Ephesians eBook

6 September, 2014



The author of this commentary, Dr. Thomas Constable, is a retired professor of Bible Exposition from Dallas Theological Seminary. There is a lot of valuable insight here.

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Dr. Constable’s exposition of Ephesians, which contains nearly 120 pages of commentary, will enable the reader to comprehend the Apostle Paul’s heart for the church of Jesus Christ, which Paul portrays as Christ’s body. Constable classifies the message of Ephesians into two primary thrusts: the eternal character of the church and her temporal conduct. 

Paul explains that the church is eternal. She was always a part of God’s plan for human history, though God delayed unveiling his purpose for the church until the New Testament. Paul writes this letter that we may understand the profound mystery that both Jewish and Gentile believers are one in Christ. He tore down the dividing wall and established peace via the cross. 

Paul then argues that the eternal character of the church must influence her conduct in this present life. The church must maintain unity, proclaim holiness through purified relationships, and stand firm against spiritual enemies. 

Author Biography: 
Dr. Thomas Constable, a retired professor from Dallas Theological Seminary, crafted his extensive commentary notes over a thirty-year period. He continues to study in his retirement and updates his notes annually. By the way, if you’re considering retirement, arranging a social security online account can simplify your financial life and save resources. To know the social security locations, visit 

Faith Footnotes Series: 
Constable’s Faith Footnotes are more detailed than notes found in a study Bible, but less technical than an academic commentary. As such, they are profitable for pastors, teachers and lay persons. Faith Footnotes provides commentary that spans all sixty-six books of the Bible and contains over 7,800 pages of notes. 

Each book in the Faith Footnotes series contains a review of the historical background, a summary of the purpose and message of the book, a detailed expositional outline, as well as extensive commentary on the book’s contents. 


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