Update: 15 More FREE Books Added to our Long-Term eBooks Page

ereader-ebooksIn case you aren’t aware, here at eChristianResources we have a page dedicated to FREE Christian non-fiction deals that are good for more than a limited-time. Currently that page lists 161 books from authors such as John Piper, D. A. Carson, Francis Chan, Wayne Grudem, Tim Keller, and more. The formats include Kindle/Mobi, ePubPDF, and HTML.

What’s more is that the listings of free books on this page is searchable and you can organize the list by category (author, book title, publisher, and format).

Check it Out if you haven’t already!


The 15 Newest Books on This List (mostly PDFs):

1. Grow: Reproducing through Organic Discipleship by Winfield Bevins
2. The Bible: New English Translation (NET), ePub
3. A Display of God’s Glory: Basics of Church Structure (Deacons, Elders, Congregationalism, Membership) by Mark Dever
4. Talking to God: What the Bible Teaches about Prayer, A Biblical Theology of Prayer by Thomas Constable
5. Vintage Jesus: Timeless Answers to Timely Questions by Mark Driscoll & Gerry Breshears (Crossway)
6. Behold, I Stand at the Door and Knock: What to Say to Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses When They Knock On Your Door by Michael Licona
7. The Evolution of a Creationist: A Layman’s Guide to the Conflict Between the Bible and Evolutionary Theory by Jobe Martin, Mobi, ePub
8. The Bible Overview by Matthias Media
9. Apocalyptic by Leon Morris (Eerdmans, InverVarsity Press)
10. Good: The Joy of Christian Manhood and Womanhood by Jonathan Parnell & Owen Strachan (editors), PDF, Mobi, ePub
11. The Persecuted Church Prayer Devotional: Interceding for the Suffering Church by Beverly Pegues
12. Is the Bible Reliable? by John Piper
13. Seeing Beauty and Saying Beautifully: The Power of Poetic Effort in the Work of George Herbert, George Whitefield, and C. S. Lewis by John Piper (Crossway)
14. Chance and the Sovereignty of God: A God-Centered Approach to Probability and Random Events by Vern Poythress (Crossway)
15. The Justification of Knowledge: An Introductory Study in Christian Apologetic Methodology by Robert Reymond (P & R Publishing)


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