FREE: ESV Global Study Bible

FREE: ESV Global Study Bible

29 May, 2015


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This is one of the most exciting FREE resources we have ever shared!

We praise God for the generosity and vision of Crossway to give this invaluable resource away on a global scale. The notes, maps, charts, etc. are adapted from the bestselling ESV Study Bible and are now available for FREE access on the web, as an ebook (Kindle, NOOK, ePub, iBooks), and as an iPhone/iPad app. Preview the contents of this excellent study Bible below. Consider giving a donation to Crossway to enable them to distribute more quality Bibles worldwide.

We had shared this resource previously, but now it’s available in new formats, so we are sharing again!

Preview this Study Bible:

This FREE offer is available indefinitely.

The ESV Global Study Bible is a one-volume study resource for globally minded Christians everywhere. It has been designed from beginning to end to be highly accessible and value priced for distribution on a global scale.

The Global Study Bible features a fresh design, with a wide range of new features. Each book begins with an introduction, followed by a unique, insightful description of the global message of the book. Likewise, a set of new articles by global Christian leaders apply the Bible to global issues, such as the role of government, the nature of the church, world religions, social ethics, and missions and evangelism.

The Global Study Bible’s notes and maps were adapted from the best-selling ESV Study Bible and contain a wealth of information about the biblical text, history, and geography. With overviews of each Bible book, special facts, and character profiles, the Global Study Bible is an outstanding resource for Christians everywhere who seek to know and understand the truth of the Bible and its global meaning.



    • It is free in the formats linked to above: Kindle, NOOK, ePub, iBooks, web access, and iPhone/iPad app. If you are looking to read it on an Android device, you would need an eReader that can read one of the formats just mentioned or access this resource via the web. Hope that helps!

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