FREE: “God of Ages Past” Shane & Shane mp3

FREE: “God of Ages Past” Shane & Shane mp3

13 July, 2015

Christian, you need daily reminders of who you are in Christ to meditate on and cherish. This song helps guide us in that direction.

If my hope is Christ alone
If where you are is where I’m home
If knowing you is my delight
If in God alone I’m satisfied

Then won’t you come and break this old heart of stone
Start a fire in these broken bones
Here’s my soul it has been exposed to You
Oh God of ages past
Convince my heart at last
Come tell of all I have in You

If my bread is your life laid down
If my cup, your blood poured out
If in your midst all joy is found
If where I walk, now holy ground

If You are the one who holds my future
If Your love is what I’m searching for
If You are the one, if You are the treasure
If You are the Lord


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