FREE: Introducing the Old Testament Books eBook

FREE: Introducing the Old Testament Books eBook

17 September, 2015


Here is an excellent resource that gives a concise introduction to each of the Old Testament books. It does so by exploring key information such as Author, Recipients, Place & Date, Purpose, Message, Outline, etc. for each book. It is written by Paul Weaver, the director of the Word of Life Bible Institute in Hungary.

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Many introductions to the Old Testament are either too simple, not providing all the necessary information, or overly complicated and written at a level out of the reach of an average person with no seminary training. This work is neither. The author is thorough, providing over 500 footnotes for further study and additional archaeological and historical information, but at a level that is understandable, and in a concise manner. In this work the author answers important questions such as: who wrote the book, when was it written, why was it written, and to whom was it written. The author also highlights the most important theological themes in each book, discusses the historical setting, and provides the reader with up to date archaeological discoveries that either confirm the biblical record and/or provide additional insights into the historical context. Every chapter ends with a carefully constructed outline to that particular book of the Old Testament just introduced. In the appendix, the author provides links to, and descriptions of, several free online Bible study resources that are invaluable to the student of the Word.


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