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Today Only: FREE: The Book of the King (Wormling Series) by Jerry Jenkins Fiction eBook

3 June, 2015

Here is a Christian fiction eBook written for ages 10-14 (although adults can enjoy it too) by best-selling authors Jerry B. Jenkins and Chris Fabry.

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Free for May: Proverbs 3:5-6 Memory Verse Song + 3 Videos mp3 & mp4

1 May, 2015

Here is a very catchy song that will lead to having Proverbs 3:5-6 stuck in kid’s hearts. The song’s words are directly from Scripture set to

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FREE: “Eternal Life (John 3​:​16)” SEEDS Family Worship mp3

4 April, 2015

This song is the words of John 3:16 from the NIV put to song. “For God so loved the world that he gave his one

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FREE: 2 Children’s Songs from Camp Kilimanjaro VBS

17 February, 2015

Whether you’re looking for a couple fun children’s songs or are considering using the Camp Kilimanjaro 2015 VBS curriculum this summer, you can download the theme song for this VBS

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FREE: “Joy (Luke 2:8-14)” Seeds Family Worship mp3

9 December, 2014

Just in time for Christmas, this Scripture-based song puts to music the words of Luke 2:8-14 for children and their families to enjoy! What a

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Today Only: FREE: “I Adore You/O Come All Ye Faithful” Shout Praises Kids mp3

5 December, 2014

This is the first of what hopefully will be many more Christmas Song posts this month! There is a fair amount of good Christmas music

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FREE: Left Behind: The Kids (Book #1) by Jerry Jenkins & Tim LaHaye eBook

2 December, 2014

Whether or not you agree with dispensational theology, this is a well-written work of fiction for ages 10-14 (& older!). It’s engaging and the authors do

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FREE: “Give Thanks (Psalm 105​:​1​-​3)” Seeds Family Worship mp3

6 November, 2014

What’s really nice about this song is that the lyrics are all taken from Psalm 105. By singing this with your kids (or by yourself) you

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FREE: Long Story Short: Ten-Minute Devotions to Draw Your Family to God eBook

3 July, 2014

Would you like to lead your family spiritually even with a busy life? Would you like the little precious time you have for devotions to

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FREE: Adventures in Odyssey The Imagination Station #1: Voyage with the Vikings eBook

22 June, 2014

From Focus on the Family has come Adventures in Odyssey and this series of books called The Imagination Station. Here is the first book in

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FREE: Preschool Explorers: Parenting Wisdom for Ages 3-5 by National Center for Biblical Preaching eBook

2 June, 2014

Here’s a resource with 43 short chapters that’s chock full of insights for parents and educators of preschool children. What’s best is that the authors

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FREE: The Action Bible Easter Story eBook

25 February, 2014

Now you can read with your children the Easter story from this popular children’s illustrated Bible. This FREE resource is only available for a limited-time.

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