Free for August: In Christ Alone eBook by Sinclair Ferguson

Free for August: In Christ Alone eBook by Sinclair Ferguson

22 August, 2013

It seems like every month Reformation Trust Publishing (of Ligonier Ministries – R.C. Sproul) gives away one of their books in Kindle format for FREE. When that happens, we all benefit, because Reformation Trust has excellent resources.

This month they are giving away In Christ Alone: Living the Gospel Centered Life by noted pastor and theologian Sinclair Ferguson. Here’s a blurb about it:

In fifty short chapters arranged in six sections, Dr. Ferguson shows that:

  • Christ, who is fully God, took on humanity that He might be the Great High Priest of His people as well as the once-for-all sacrifice
  • that He now ministers to His people through His Spirit, crowning them with great and precious blessings
  • and that believers are called to duty, from cultivating contentment to mortifying sin

In Christ Alone is packed full of nuggets of Scriptural truth that will spark and fan the flames of the believer’s love for the Savior who is so beautiful in His person and so faithful in His work on behalf of His beloved sheep.

Because the chapters are so short, this book could work well as a daily devotional for fifty days. However you read it, it will be beneficial for you. How do I know? Because whenever we expose ourselves to Gospel-centered literature that probes deeply the riches of our Savior, we will come out blessed. Particularly if we approach such literature with a humble attitude that wants to please Him. Will you do that today with this book or with other quality Christian literature that honors Him?

Go here to order a copy of this free Kindle book.


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