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FREE: Discipleship in Church Planting eBook by J.D. Payne

FREE: Discipleship in Church Planting eBook by J.D. Payne

26 September, 2013


Evangelism is the tip of the Great Commission iceberg.  The commission for missionaries to make disciples of all nations begins with calling others to repentance and faith in Jesus.  But, it does not end there.  This commission also involves teaching these new Kingdom citizens to obey all of Jesus’ commands (Matt 28:20) […] If biblical church planting is evangelism that results in new churches, then what takes place after that initial group of Kingdom citizens begins following Jesus? (pgs. 14-15)

This book is primarily for church planters, but I would suppose that anyone involved in discipleship in a local church context can benefit from this work. It contains six brief  chapters with study questions at the end of each. If you are mentoring newer believers, grab yourself a copy, and share this resource with others doing the same.


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