FREE: 78 coloring pages with poems from Answers in Genesis

FREE: 78 coloring pages with poems from Answers in Genesis

13 October, 2013

This free offer comes from the website of New Leaf Publishing company, which is offering the free download of three 26-page coloring books from creation ministry Answers in Genesis:

  • A is for Adam coloring pages
  • D is for Dinosaur coloring pages
  • N is for Noah coloring pages

Each coloring page includes a poem along with it corresponding to a letter in the alphabet. This is a great way for kids to have fun coloring while having the biblical message of creation reinforced, along with practicing the alphabet.

Great for kids of all ages (and adults too!).

Go here to download these coloring pages in PDF format.



  • Our church loves your curriculum. We just finished the 3 year Answers. Just needed some fill in material for the next 3 years!! Thank you for making the extra sheets available on line!

  • I am teaching children 5-8 and have been looking for learning resources. I have even ordered books. However, these bold beautiful well design pages are just what I need for my babies. I have become even more excited to teach them GOD’s Holy Word in a way they can understand, remember and enjoy. Thank you for making this available to myself and others. Blessings

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