16 FREE eBooks from Beth Moore

This free deal has EXPIRED!

UPDATE (1/10): Some are still free, while many are not. All free ones EXPIRE TODAY.
UPDATE (1/4): 4 MORE of Beth’s eBooks are now available for KINDLE. Now ALL 16 below are free on the Kindle!

UPDATE (1/3): 6 more of Beth’s eBooks are now available in KINDLE format!  13 are now available in VYRSO format!

This is a tremendous giveaway!

14 FREE eBooks from Beth Moore are in English, and 2 are in Spanish. If you have any Spanish-speaking friends, please share the links to these resources!

These FREE resources are only available for a limited-time (through 1/10/14)

















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205 thoughts on “16 FREE eBooks from Beth Moore

    • Go ahead and download whichever you want by clicking the format you would like underneath each book. May the Lord bless you!

          • Thanks for the free downloads! I wanted to let others know ….If you go towards the bottom of the Amazon page (where you download the books), and scroll through the other choices of books …you can find several other free books (from Beth Moore) to download for Kindle …. at least this worked today ….I downloaded 10 free Kindle ebooks from Beth Moore list … Thanks, again!

          • Ha ha… but they are some of the best titles. Thank you for this amazing gift! I am tearfully humbled by it!

          • I’ve downloaded 15 Kindle titles (there are also 2 additional editions in Spanish). The “menu” above isn’t complete. Recommend that people interested in all available titles should go to Amazon, log in to their account, then search for “Beth Moore” in the Books Dept. Sort on price, low to high–the first fifteen titles have $0 cost. Then download whichever titles you’d like.

            BTW, please, don’t think I don’t appreciate what you guys have done here. Thank you SO MUCH for letting us know about the availability of these books. I feel like somebody just dumped a huge wheelbarrow of blessings right in the middle of my den! THANK YOU

          • Thank you for the heads-up that a few more of Beth’s eBooks are free for Kindle. We’ve added the links for those above!

      • We serve in a “closed” country and so appreciate the ability to have access to this type of material. Thank you for your ministry in this way!! God bless.

      • I don’t have a smartphone, nook, etc., and I don’t even know what an epub is. As for ibooks, is that a book you cant see, and if so where do you put it. As far as I know, the PDF, is the only format I can use, but don’t see it listed! HELP!

      • From South Africa:
        Thank you so much for these blessings.
        I, too had the questions about finding format I could read as I don’t have Kindle, iPad, etc. I am happy to confirm that I have downlaoded onto PC, and will check (slowly and quietly!) how to read them on Android, once I find an app.
        Bless you all – will use in Home Connect Group this year.

      • but cannot be downloaded to reg laptop?
        too bad, I do not own any of the other tech stuff so can get :( but thank you for the great gift

        • ah just saw other post about using amazon to download to puter and found I already have app needed on my puter ty and God bless

        • Hi, Sharon. I’m just another patron…not from the website or anything. You can download the kindle version to your laptop and then get a free kindle app so you can read them. I did that (and still do) before I got my Kobo. I think there’s a link farther up on this thread but you could google “free kindle app for laptop” or something and probably get it. It works great. (Just a word of caution: I ALWAYS–even with trusted sites–run a quick virus check on all downloads before opening them.) Hope this helps! M <.

        • Sharon: Me again. Just went to Amazon.ca (or .com has it too) and they have the kindle app for computer right on their ebook page. If you are downloading a kindle format from their site, It goes automatically to your laptop kindle app. That’s the one I used. HTH, M <.

        • Sorry to hear that you accidentally purchased an eBook. If you do not want it, request a refund from the site where you purchased the eBook.

    • It may be, we are not sure. We live in the U.S., so at this point we are only aware of deals for North America. Some of the deals, however, are available elsewhere. We just have no way of knowing which ones unless someone else tells us.

    • Are you on a PC, Mac, Tablet, or smart phone? We recently updated our site to be much more mobile accessible, but there could still be issues. Please let us know more specifics so we can try to help.

    • Thanks for asking! On this page if you’ll look to the right, you’ll see that you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, via RSS, or subscribe via email. Take your pick and enjoy all the free resources!

  1. I’m having trouble downloading them from Australia. They want to charge me on iBooks only the amazon ones have worked.

    • From other visitors, we have gathered that the Kindle versions may be available outside the U.S., but the iBooks versions are not.

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    • 4 of these books are available for Kindle in English (2 in Spanish as well). Simply click the Amazon button under those 4 books.

      • I downloaded 5 books, last night, on my Kindle, and could have downloaded more. My memory is that most were available for Kindle, although not all were necessarily in English.

  3. Hello! Thank you so much, I can’t seem to be able to download them off of I Books. Any help would be appreciated! I love Beth Moore, this would be a blessing

  4. Thank you so much.Will they be putting the book,” when Godly people do ungodly things” on NOOK? I so hope they do!! What a blessing for free Godly books!!!

  5. I got all of these books using christianbook.com and their free cbdreader app the other day and they had a lot of other free ebooks too. I follow them on FB and they have free ebooks a lot of the time. I know this isnt pertaining to the current post, but thought your readers might be interested fyi purposes. :)

  6. Thank you so much for this wonderful gift! I am using a smartphone and was able to see the 8 books (2 in each vertical row) but am not able to scroll over to see the others. I can see the edge of the books on the next row. Any suggestions?

  7. If you have a phone tablet or computer you can use multiple apps for your books. Nook has a free app as well as kindle. And the adobe book reader will read most formats. Good luck!

  8. Thank you!! I am currently in Germany and have a Kindle Fire and was able to download the epub formatted books through Christianbook.com (I already had an account with them in the States) and then downloaded their CBDreader for Kindle. A few extra steps, but it works great! Maybe this will work for others. Have a blessed day!

  9. Thank you so much. This is truly a blessing to be able to download these books to my Kindle. I teach a First Place For Health Christian weight loss class and so am familiar with this author. Blessings.

  10. HUGE blessing…thank you. I’d downloaded one book and wanted others but couldn’t afford. I’ve taken many of the video classes but wanted reading material. THANK YOU!!! So very appreciative.

  11. Thank you so much for these wonderful books by Beth Moore. I’ve read and done quite a few of her bible studies and each one has been a blessing in my life!!

  12. I would love to download these on my Samsung Galaxy S4. But don’t see any of the download able ways of doing it. Any suggestions?

    • Check to see if there are eBook reader apps available for your device (Kindle app, Nook app, etc.). You don’t need the physical eReaders to read books in their format.

  13. Will the ebooks expire after 10th Jan? If you are using iBook, you can change the settings in your Apple ID account so that you can point to US store. Click on Apple ID link at bottom of Apple store.

  14. On an iPhone only the first 8 are visible. Anything to the right if the second column is blacked out. Can you help? Thank you

  15. Read online Epub can be read on any device. For the Kindle you have to do a few simple conversion steps. When you click the epub link it takes you to christianbook.com. The information and link for conversion was on that website.

  16. Thank you SOOO much, I also found a few of the other titles were free on Amazon when I searched for them – awesome!!! The only English ones I wasn’t able to get for free were Breaking Free, Feathers From My Nest & Praying God’s Wod Day-by-Day

  17. Believing God and Breaking Free are saying that they cost $10.99.???
    Do they or are they free. Thanks so much for the ones that I did get free..:)

  18. I humbly Thank you Beth Moore for this wonderful opportunity. I have been a paying customer for the past 2 years who has benefited greatly from your work, esp Living Free study, Mercy Triumphs Study, the book Get out of that Pit, and Praying God’s Word. You have a huge following in Henderson, KY and Evansville IN where your name comes up frequently in some special, special circles I am in. A friend who sponsored me for my Walk to Emmaus pilgrimage in November gave me Whispers of Hope, which I can’t wait to get started on. But first, I have the 3 final weeks of BREAKING FREE to complete! I downloaded some of these others offered and shared the word with all my facebook friends, some of whom can especially use free materials such as these. You are a blessing! Come to the Ford Center in Evansville, IN and we will come see you. We thank God for his many gifts and you are one of them. Happy New Year!

  19. Love Beth Moore! FYI: When I did an author search on the Amazon Kindle book site, all the books listed above appeared and they were free as well. Thanks!

  20. Thank you what an amazing blessing. If you are having trouble viewing on your phone, I turned my phone sideways and could see all 4 books on each line. I could only see two as well when holding it normally.

  21. I downloaded the Vyrso app because I don’t have any of the readers. I have an android phone. Like I said, when I went to download the book, it asked me for credit card info. Should I download a different app to read it with? Also, will they disappear on the expiration date, or is that when the free book offers expire. Thank you so much in advance for your help. Blessings

    • Your experience with Vyrso asking for a credit card is not unique. we have experienced it too. Personally, I (Dan) have download dozens of free eBooks from Vyrso’s site and have never been charged anything. Vyrso is owned by the parent company Logos Bible Software. Logos is the world’s largest Bible software company, being reputable and a multi-million dollar business. I have profited (and continue to profit) greatly from their Bible software and free Vyrso books!
      The eBooks you purchase for free from Vyrso will not disappear on the expiration date. Unfortunately, at that point no one may purchase the title for free.

  22. I have an iPhone and won’t scroll to the right either, but if you go to the iBooks app an search Beth Moore, the free ones come up (if in the US That is) so a way to get around the scrolling issue. Don’t know about other apps or devices.

    • Sorry about the scrolling issue. Others have reported the same issue, and at this point, we are unsure how to fix this issue. If you visit this post on a PC or Mac, you should be able to see all of the links listed here.

  23. Wanted to download A Heart Like His and it says the price is $12.16. You show it here that it’s free. Please advise.

    • It must be a different book that I was looking at. The one has a heart on it and is just titled “A Heart Like His” while the FREE one is called “A Heart Like His: Intimate Reflections on the Life of David”. Sorry to have bothered you.

  24. I don’t see any free books when I click through the links. (For the Kindle) They are all $1.21, which isn’t a bad price either but not free as advertised. :-(

  25. thank you Beth Moore! i have enjoyed your teachings in the past. my mom is disabled so i am going to share these with her. you are a blessing to so many! i pray God blesses you even more abundantly,

  26. Many thanks for such a wonderful gift of these free books! I love Beth Moore’s writing!! My income would never allow me to purchase these since I cannot eat them!! ;). God bless you for this amazing opportunity for spiritual growth!!!

  27. Thank you Beth Moore for sharing this wonderful gift of books and your wonderful gift of teaching His word. I have enjoyed you for years. Happy New Year and may it be blessed above and beyond.

  28. I just got 4 of Beth Moore’s books, but I cannot download them. My internet is a little slow but I can download a video from facebook with not much problem, but everytime I try to even read the book online on Cloud, it says error. I did download Amazon Kindle onto my computer. ANy ideas for help?

    • We are not sure how to fix the issue you are having. Perhaps give it some time and maybe Amazon will fix whatever issue there is with their website. Hopefully, you will be able to read your downloaded books very soon.

  29. HI, thank you so much for these. Just got a tablet for Christmas so keen to get my e book library going. Little glitch though, am downloading in the kindle app and not all of them are free- they are charging $1. which is a bargain but not if you think it supposed be free ;) Am I doing something wrong?

  30. What a blessing! Thank you so very much! I am a member of a tiny little church, so these will be enjoyed so very, very much!

  31. I would love to have some of your books but i am having trouble downloading. I have a samsung galaxy note 3. Can you assist me with this

  32. HELP!
    The books are supposed to be available through January 10, 2014. It is January 9, 2014. I am trying to download them and they are saying they are no longer free ???? Help. I downloaded some for free but it wants to charge me for the rest…can you help? Thanks…D Lyons

    • It appears that some of the retailers ended their sales early. From today on, all of the free Beth Moore eBook offers are expired. If you accidentally purchased an eBook, and if you do not want it, request a refund from the site where you purchased the eBook.

  33. Good morning, Thanks for this great opportunity! I noticed the deal is over on 1/10(today), but the iBooks are coming up full price. Is the deal not available through today?

  34. I got on today (1/10/2014) to download thr free Beth Moore books and none of them are free anymore. Didn’t the promotion go through today? Did I totally miss out? Please let me know if there is any way I can still get these. Thanks!!

    • Some of the retailers chose to end the sale early (it appears). Always check the price of an item before you download it. From today on, all of the free Beth Moore eBooks have expired :(

  35. Thanks for this…I thought I had downloaded them and find they are not on my device…argh. I don’t know what to do so if you have ideas…I am listening. Thanks for providing these for those who got them.

    • Try going to the site where you purchased them, finding your My Account page, and see if you can send the books you ordered to your device.

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