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FREE: Foundlings (The Peleg Chronicles, Book #1) eBook

FREE: Foundlings (The Peleg Chronicles, Book #1) eBook

4 January, 2014

If you like The Chronicles of Narnia or The Lord of the Rings, you may like the first book in The Peleg Chronicles fictional series by Christian author Matthew Christian Harding. Give it a try if you are a fiction reader.


The Northern realms. Circa 2000 B.C.

It was in the days of Peleg when the world was divided. After the flood of Noah, after the Tower of Babel and the dispersion … when beasts were more numerous than men.

Two orphans, Thiery and Suzie.

The Lady Mercy without a protector.

Priests of the dragon, Baal, and the Queen of Heaven are seeking sacrifices for their false gods.

The Death Hunt!

In a land of giants and dragons, and men running from the knowledge of their Creator, wickedness spreads as a plague, but a remnant of faithful souls shine in the darkness.



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